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Toys'n Hobbies Distribution is a toy and collectibles Canada distributor dedicated to farming and construction equipment. We have been operating in St. Charles, IL since 2009, and have since grown our product line to over 500 products. We pride ourselves on being one of the largest distributors of farm and construction equipment collectibles and toys. Here in the US, we are an intimate, privately held company that continues to grow every day. Each member of our team contributes valuable skill sets that allows us to be the efficient, customer-friendly business that we are.

While Toys'n Hobbies Distribution is a distributor for Canada, our parent companies, Universal Hobbies and Falk, have been manufacturing products for over 30 years. We work closely with our French manufactures, allowing us the unique opportunity to exclusively customize and special order any products.

We are fully licensed in Europe and North America, and are prepared with a fully-stocked warehouse located in the US, as well as additional warehouses located in Europe and Asia.

Ride-on & Push-Along Toys - Die-Cast Models - Soft Toys - DIY Metal Kits

Toys'n Hobbies Distribution is the exclusive distributor in Canada for:
Falk is a French manufacturer of ride-on and push-along toys founded in 1947. At this time, the Falk legacy began under the leadership of Maurice Falquet, and the company specialized in creating and selling toys made from plastic resin. The first Falk Pedal Tractor, released in 1970, was a Massey Ferguson 145.

Family-owned for 3 generations, Falk has a turnover of US$11,000,000, and 350,000 toys are produced every year and shipped to 40 countries. Falk provides a wide range of licensed tractors, attachments, trucks, bikes and quads for kids between 1 and 7 years.
Universal Hobbies is one of the leading brands in farm and construction collectible replicas. Offering a wide variety to choose from, the models range in scale from 1:16, 1:32, 1:43, and 1:50. To ensure the highest quality and finest detail, we utilize Tampo Printing, as opposed to sticker details. This gives our product permanent details that will not fade or peel off. The Tampo Printing takes up to 400 presses to achieve, and the finished models look incredible, just like the “Real One.”

We pride ourselves on having retail-friendly, four-color packaging. All of our collectibles come in specific packages that display the product or original photos, creating a well-rounded buying experience that other collectible companies do not provide.
UH Kids Plushes Soft Toys
UH Kids, a sub-brand of Universal Hobbies, designs the Plush Toy replicas of farm and construction equipment. These toys are excellent for kids +3 years, and are designed in France. UH Kids utilizes only the softest, most luxurious fabrics and adds intricate detail using embroidery. These soft toy replicas are tractors and construction equipment perfect playtime.
KIDS Globe Toys
Kids Globe is an European manufacturer of perfectly scaled wooden farm buildings, barns, sheds, houses. As well as Horse stables, hay sheds and so much more. It makes it possible for Children and Adults to create their own Farming World. Real life animals and many accessories make this series Worldwide to a success. All Items are made in the most popular scales: from Cow stable to Milking Parlour.
Kids Globe Farming ToysKids Globe Horse World Toys
Tronico welcomes you to the world of metal construction kits! Tronico is the only licensed manufacturer of metal construction sets worldwide. Designed in Germany and made in China, these DIY Metal Kits are painted to model farming and construction equipment. Perfect for kids +5 years, everyone will enjoy building colorful tractors, construction equipment and buildings. From the Micro Series to the Professional Series, kids playfully gather insight into the world of technology. Between the RC models, wind turbines, solar models and multi-play boxes with up to 20 models, there is always a variety of equipment to build.
Snow sleds shovels and scooters
Snow shovels and sleds made in France for all ages. Babies and adults can have great winter fun, sliding down the hills. With one or two seats, every one can simply enjoy snow.